In-Studio Classes Begin June 8, 2020

Welcome Back!! We’ll be back to our regular studio schedule beginning June 8th. Precautions are in place, but we are looking forward to seeing our students in person, again. Virtual lessons have kept the training spirit alive, but there’s nothing like the energy of a live class. (Students will not do techniques on each other at this time, and there is no sparring allowed)
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Virtual Lessons – A New Adventure in Kung Fu

Portsmouth, April 2, 2020:        Who knew? Kung Fu via FaceTime, or Zoom? Yes! It’s happening! Over the past week or so, we’ve been slowly getting a regular schedule in place for virtual lessons. So far, it seems to be working fairly well. The lessons have been focused on material, with minimum, to no, extra drills or stretching. This results in shorter timeframes, with lower ranks, who have less material, meeting for anywhere between 10-20 minutes, and higher ranks going for up to a full 30 minutes. While this may seem like a shortened version of the students’ regular group classes, keep in mind that the Tigers (4-6 y/o) classes are usually 30 minutes, with the Dragons (7-12 y/o) normally last 40 minutes. But within those timeframes are warm-up exercises, stretching, and drills in addition to working their rank material. So the dedicated, focused one-on-one time with Master Cindy during the virtual classes actually allows for very specific student-centered coaching…..something that isn’t always possible in a larger group class. The end result? Better execution of the student’s material. For the most part, we are scheduling once-a-week sessions. The expectation is that the students will practice their material on their own time, and be ready to demonstrate the tweaks and small corrections during their virtual session. Also….don’t forget to continue stretching and keeping that flexibility in a good place. Is this whole environment challenging? Absolutely! And, it’s challenging to both the student and Master Cindy….to the student because they have less space, and it’s not as familiar when doing the material. It’s challenging for Master Cindy because of the different view (really a mirror image, now), and also the different environment. Giving cues by saying “you […]
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Coronavirus and Studio Hours

Portsmouth, March 13, 2020. Please be aware that at this time, the studio remains open, with its regular class schedule in place. We are monitoring the various local and state reports, as well as taking extra cleaning precautions. We understand our students will think carefully about what decisions they make in regards to attendance, but please consider the following: (1) practice the best personal hygiene you can, (2) if you are feeling unwell, please stay home, (3) recognize that we may limit student-to-student contact, and (4) we reserve the right to refuse admittance to any student who comes to class and appears ill. With allergy season on our doorstep, confusion over symptoms will add to the overall stress of the situation. Do your best. We’ll do our best. Together, we can all still enjoy the benefits of Kung Fu training, with minimal risk. We will update as needed.
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Studio still CLOSED Dec. 3rd.

It’s still snowing too much to safely open. Stay safe. We’ll see you Thursday.
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Studio Closed December 2nd

Stay safe and warm.
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Black Sash!

On April 27th, Jason A. traveled to Connecticut and successfully tested for his first-level Black Sash in the Shaolin 5-Animal system. Jason is only the second Portsmouth student to accomplish this. He follows Jack R. who received his Black Sash in 2014, and who was working towards his 2nd-level Black Sash when college called him away. Unlike the belt system, which has three different levels of Black Belt recognition (Jr., Jhongji, and Adult), the Five-Animal System recognizes the Black Sash as…..the Black Sash! All who test for this do so in front of the Grandmaster. Our congratulations to Jason, who worked hard and tested well. We are grateful to participate on this journey with him and look forward to continuing with his studies.
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New Junior Black Belts!

Seth K. and Brendan R. successfully tested for their Jr. Black Belts on January 27, 2019.  Junior Black Belts are awarded to those students, aged 12 and under,  who successfully demonstrate the required material for this rank.  Congratulations to our newest young Black Belts!   You’ve worked hard for this honor!
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Baby it’s cold outside!

Monday, January 20th The studio will remain closed today.   It’s just too frigid out there.  Stay safe and warm.  See you tomorrow.  
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Tournament Winners!

Danbury, CT, November 17, 2018 –  All three of our students who traveled to CT to participate in the (all-studios) Shaolin Studios  Tournament came home a winner.  All three won place trophies in at least one event that they entered, and in some cases, all of their events.  This was quite an accomplishment, since several of the events had up to twenty entrants.  Congratulations to Ethan, Aurora, and Dylan!  Portsmouth Shaolin Studios is very proud of you! 
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Celebrating 10 Years in Portsmouth

September, 2018: The Portsmouth studio opened in September 2008, continuing the strong tradition of martial arts training begun by the Concord and Keene studios. The years have gone by fast, and, as we look at our current student body, we see many new faces, but also quite a few who started with us shortly after we opened. Our most-tenured adult student, Mike L., actually started his training with us in December 2008. Mike is followed by Daniel T. who started with us as just a grade-school youngster in September 2009, and today is an impressive young man who holds his Zhongji Black Belt. Yes, as we welcome new students to our community, we continue to foster on-going relationships with many students who have been with us since 2010, 2011, and 2012. To all of our students, we send a big Thank You, but to those who have been with us for many years and continue to regularly train with us, we are honored to be a part of your martial arts journey. We look forward to continuing this journey for many more years to come.
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