Kids Martial Arts

Amazing Martial Arts Classes for 7 – 12 year olds right here in Portsmouth, NH

kids martial arts classes portsmouth nhOur “Dragons” classes are 40 minutes in length and include a higher level of cardio, strength-building, and stretching activities. This program helps develop a solid martial arts skill foundation–similar to Karate in some ways, but different in so many key areas.

Discipline, control, and focus-building skills, along with continued character-building sessions are also part of the curriculum. Kids learn kicking and punching, for sure, and these drills are designed to increase coordination and accuracy. Students begin to practice their techniques with others in this age group, thus encouraging a stronger understanding of the purpose behind the movements. While students learn both offensive and defensive movements, we emphasize appropriate behavior both in and out of the studio.

Rank advancement is based on individual accomplishments and ability to demonstrate understanding and execution of the Kung Fu techniques and forms that are taught. Students who prefer not to engage in traditional team sports find that Kung Fu challenges them both physically and mentally, without the attitude of “winning at all costs” adding pressure to their performance.

In addition to group classes, half-hour individual instruction can be scheduled to allow the student to further enhance their abilities.

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