The Team

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Cindy Naiditch
4th Degree Black Belt
Chief Instructor

Cindy has been studying Shaolin martial arts under Grandmaster DeMasco for over 20 years, and is a SDSS Instructor’s Academy graduate. In addition to teaching the Shaolin self-defense system, she holds a Black Sash in, and is certified to teach, the traditional kung fu animal forms, and several kung fu weapons. Cindy has traveled to China three times to train directly at the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Henan Province, China. Instructing full-time at the studio, she has had a varied professional career that includes hospital administration, practicing attorney, director of a $20-million non-profit organization, adjunct college professor, and human resources professional.

Jennifer has been studying Shaolin martial arts for approximately 10 years, and is a 2011 graduate of the SDSS Instructor’s Academy. She has traveled to the Shaolin Temple in China on two different occasions to train with the Warrior Monks. Jennifer holds both a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and an MBA. She currently works as a contract/grants administrator for a New Hampshire state agency, and in that capacity, manages the vendor RFP process from the initial stages all the way to the contract award. In the Portsmouth studio, Jennifer regularly teaches all ages, in both group class settings, as well as private lessons. She actively trains at the Concord studio and is focusing on both her 4th Degree Black Belt material, as well as formal sash recognition in the traditional kung fu animal forms.
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Jennifer Lind
3rd Degree Black Belt
Sr. Certified Instructor


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Catherine Thorn
1st Degree Black Belt
Student Assistant Instructor

A New Hampshire native, Catherine Thorn has been studying with us since 2011. Catherine’s college career focused on human anatomy and physiology and she has had significant dance training. As a result, she is able to teach proper body mechanics to allow students to develop the strength, balance and coordination used in the Shaolin system. A certified high school science teacher with over 10 years’ experience, Catherine has had significant training and experience teaching students with different learning styles and exceptionalities. She adapts and modifies teaching methods to meet the needs of individual students while teaching the Shaolin system. Catherine regularly assists with the instruction of the Tigers, Dragons, and Juniors.
As active duty Coast Guard since 1998, Jason has substantial training in hand-to-hand combat and defense. His law enforcement experience, as part of his military background, led to him becoming a certified firearms instructor. As a result, he can teach defensive tactics specific to firearms. Jason’s background brings a unique perspective to teaching and implementing the Shaolin system. He has been studying at the Portsmouth studio since 2011. As his schedule allows, Jason assists with instruction of the Tigers and Dragons.
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Jason Thorn
1st Degree Black Belt
Student Assistant Instructor