Have You Ever Wanted to Learn Traditional Kung Fu Weapons?

At our Martial Arts School in Portsmouth – weapons may be learned at any rank.  Students under the age of 18 must have their parent’s permission to study a weapon form.   Weapon forms are a separate program of study, and are usually taught in private lessons.   Students have a choice of basic weapon forms for the staff, Chinese fan, double daggers, straight sword, broadsword, sai, and nunchucks.  Other weapon forms may be available by special arrangement.

The benefits of weapons training at a professional martial arts school include enhanced eye-hand coordination, as well as increased perception of distancing, flexibility, strength, body control and self-confidence.

Younger students learn to treat martial arts weapons with respect.  Joking around – even with practice weapons – is a behavior not allowed in the training studio, and students are reminded to maintain that behavior outside of the studio.

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