Kids Martial Arts

Fun & Beneficial Martial Arts Classes for
Kids Ages 4 – 6 years old  (Tigers)

Kung-Fu classes for children are 30 minutes in length.   Key elements of each class include fitness activities, stretching, development of focus and character-building sessions.

karate for kids portsmouth nh

Skills are taught using age-appropriate methods of combining fun/game activities, and martial arts drills and stances. We use short in-class competitions that allow students to demonstrate mastery of the material to further enhance their self-confidence. Our emphasis is on developing motor skills, focus, and self-control.  Aggressive behavior is strongly discouraged.

Students learn the martial arts style that adults learn, but at a level more appropriate to their ages.  Advancement in belt rank is based on individual improvement from the baseline point at which the child begins.  Individual instruction is also available if the student can benefit and the parent desires.

While the specific art we teach is Kung Fu our approach is different from the average “Karate School.” Let’s make sure you and your child feel at home in our martial arts school.

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