Traditional Kung Fu Animal Forms

Traditional Kung Fu animal forms mimic the movements of the selected animal.

The forms provide an interesting and challenging method of gaining strength, balance, flexibility, and mental focus.  Training is geared to the individual’s physical ability, thus beginners need not fear that they must have prior martial arts training, or be able to immediately obtain deep or low stances. 

When performed slowly, with controlled breathing, this training offers an interesting alternative to tai chi, and provides all the healthful benefits of tai chi training.  Performed with more speed and power, the forms provide the student a unique cardio workout that will challenge even the most fit of individuals.

Students may strive towards formal sash recognition and advancement, or not, as they desire.  Two weapon forms (staff and broadsword) are included in the 9-form curriculum which offers the following animal forms:  Eagle, Leopard 1, Crane, Tiger, Leopard 2, Snake, and Dragon.  While these forms are generally taught in a private/semi-private lesson format, if a small group is able to arrange their time to study together, we can accommodate this desire.   Students of any age may study the animal forms, keeping in mind that strong focus and commitment is needed.

If you feel you can commit to our program we would be happy to meet with you first, and demonstrate some of the more common stances and movements you can expect to encounter in your study of the animals.

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