Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios, Portsmouth

Shaolin Kung Fu seeks to develop ever-higher levels of mental & physical conditioning & awareness through the study and imitation of animal movements.

martial arts kung fu portsmouth nhKung Fu is an effective self-defense system, great fun and a workout that gets results! Reduced body fat, increased muscular strength and flexibility, lower blood pressure, stress relief, and stronger self-image are just some of the positive benefits of studying the martial art Kung Fu. Children and adults alike are inspired by the character-building traits of our system’s five core animals. While each animal illustrates different fighting techniques, we also look to the animals for more personal development.

The Tiger gives us Self-Confidence and strength to move forward in all our daily activities.

Respect comes from the Snake, and reminds us to honor traditions even while seeking new adventures.

The Crane teaches us Patience and understanding that sometimes the best way to resolve conflict is to wait and watch events unfold more thoroughly before committing to a decisive course of action.

Honesty comes from the Leopard, and reminds us to be true to ourselves and others in both our thoughts and actions.

The mythical Dragon teaches us Self-Discipline through focus and commitment to completing the task at hand, even if that task lacks excitement.

You and your family are welcome to explore our studios with a complimentary lesson before you decide if we are right for you.

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