Kids Martial Arts

Your Pre-Teen and Teenager Can Learn Effective Self-Defense, Stay Active and Have Fun With Our Kung Fu Training.

Training for the 11-14 age-group stays focused on serious, adult-level martial arts material, while still keeping them motivated and excited to follow through. The 11 and 12 year-olds continue with the Dragon Classes, learning leadership skills by being strong examples to the younger students. Thirteen year-olds are evaluated for maturity to attend the adult classes, where instruction focuses on a deeper understanding of the material, with a higher-level of technical execution expected. Youth aged 14 and above, are offered the opportunity to train with the adults, where they learn appropriate behaviors and are introduced to the more serious side of martial arts. Students advance in rank by demonstrating a sound level of technical ability in both defensive techniques and forms. Individual instruction, in half-hour sessions, can be scheduled as desired.

The years between 11 and 14 are crucial to their future. At our martial arts school your teenager will meet goal-oriented peers.

You can try our program and get started with one complimentary private lesson.


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