March 31, 2018–  Being grateful is something we all are, after having received something special…like a gift, or finding what we thought was a lost object, or getting some extra-special treatment.  But being grateful everyday – just for the gift of the day itself – is not something many of us really think about or practice.   And yet, several studies have shown that people who express and live their gratitude daily are healthier and happier.

Sounds easy, yes?   Hmmmmmm……

It takes some work to keep negative thoughts away and maintain a focus on positivity.   It doesn’t necessarily come naturally to most of us.   After all, we can almost always find something to complain about, and it’s so easy to express those complaints.   It takes courage and commitment to express positive thoughts…..courage, because others often snicker at this, and commitment because one must truly change the everyday mindset and maintain it.   Whew! Is it worth it?

Yes!   Once one begins to always seek the more positive side of life, more positive things seem to come.  (Conversely, negative thoughts tend to bring on more negativity.)   This works for kung fu training, too.   Nourishing a gratefulness for the opportunity to overcome both mind and body challenges helps keep those challenges in perspective to other daily challenges.   And really, that’s what being grateful is all about…..keeping a healthy perspective on life.   Yup, perfect an attitude of gratitude, and you’ll reap the rewards!   Try it!