It’s coming up fast! Approximately 40 SDSS students and instructors – from all the SDSS studios – will be leaving on July 19th for about 10 days in China.   The trip offers the opportunity to see some popular sites, such as the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, and others, but the main event is the opportunity to train with the Monks at the Shaolin Temple in the Song Mountains just outside of Dengfeng, Henan Province.

This year, both Sifu Cindy and Sifu Jennifer are going. Neither have been since 2011, so it’s an exciting opportunity.   BUT, there’s more!   Portsmouth students Allen McG. and Dylan D. are traveling with the group, and this is the first time any Portsmouth student has made the trip. Way Cool!

BUT, there’s still more! Young Dylan (age 8) will actually be performing in front of the Abbot and Monks (and other SDSS students). This is a once-in-a-lifetime honor and opportunity that few, very few, ever have. Dylan will be joined by other SDSS students who have been chosen to perform, and this year, in an exceedingly rare occurrence, Grandmaster DeMasco will also be publicly performing, as part of his anniversary celebration of 20 years of training at the Temple.

Watch our Facebook page! We’ll try to post a few pictures as the trip progresses. If, for some reason, we’re unable to do so in real time, we’ll post some highlights when we get back. Don’t forget, the studio is closed July 18th through August 1st.   Tuition for the month of July will be appropriately pro-rated for students.