Training in hot weather always poses some challenges, not the least of which is motivation. It’s so easy to just tell yourself “it’s too hot today—I’ll train tomorrow.” Then tomorrow comes, and it’s still hot. Not surprisingly, the same self-conversation takes place. And on it goes until it cools down. But then….yup, you guessed it…the conversation changes to “It’s soooo nice out, I need to do something, and that something isn’t training.”

Now you may think that, because this is our newsletter, the “training” refers to kung fu. Well, yes, it does include that, but the word training includes all types of activity, such as going to the gym, doing home workouts, and perhaps even walking, running, hiking, biking, or swimming. In other words, anything that requires getting out of the chair and putting in ongoing effort.

If you’ve slacked a bit—don’t beat yourself up. We’ve all done a little slacking, to some extent. The important thing is to recognize the behavior, and strive to change it. Even if you have to cut down on the session time, something is better than nothing. But remember….be aware of your body and how it’s feeling. Stay hydrated. If feeling the least bit dizzy or light-headed, stop, sit, and cool down. If the feeling persists or gets worse, take appropriate action such as telling someone else (for assistance in monitoring the situation) or seeking medical care. Heat exhaustion, or worse, heat stroke can happen quicker than you think – so stay aware.

The takeaway here is….keep up with your kung fu, keep up with whatever other training you engage in, but don’t push yourself past your limits during these hot days. If you’re in an area where physical distancing is not possible, consider wearing a mask, but remember they may make you hotter, and if you’re really expending effort, may increase your difficulty in breathing. So, definitely maintain an awareness of your body’s reaction to your activity. Stay hydrated, and most importantly……enjoy your summer!