On October 22, 2016, ten-year-old Jason A. traveled to Concord to test for his Jr. Black Belt test with Master Mark. Interestingly, there were three young students testing, one each from Concord, Portsmouth, and Keene. All represented themselves, and their studios, handsomely. Sifu Cindy and Sifu Jennifer closed the studio a bit early so they could go and watch (and support) Jason in his efforts.

The test was pretty grueling from a physical fitness standpoint. Lots of drills and strength/endurance exercises keeping the youngsters going. The students had to perform their forms and techniques under a variety of situations, and were also required to spar both each other and Sensei Tim (who, if you don’t know him, is very, very tall). Must admit….it was kind of fun to watch that!

Jason did all that was asked of him, maintaining a strong positive attitude throughout, and giving his all when it came to showing technical ability and power. Portsmouth SDSS is very proud of him, and recognizes all the time and effort he has put into his martial arts to come this far. We also recognize his parents and siblings who have contributed their time and support, to give Jason his opportunity to succeed in this activity. We look forward to continuing to work with Jason, adding to his skills!