Obtaining the rank of Black Belt requires great commitment and dedication, as well as tremendous focus, and lots and lots of practice in the martial arts.  It’s something to be terrifically proud of!

But, too much pride can lead to arrogance.  Arrogance often manifests itself in the form of superiority—a feeling of being better than others, and a tendency to “look down” on others.  This is not something a Black Belt should be, or do.  No matter what rank you achieve, “wear” it with a humbleness and humility that will remind you of the journey you have been on, and are still on.  Each step in your journey offers the opportunity to accomplish something positive.  Take the time to experience each step for what it is.  Look for opportunities to be proud of yourself.  “Good” pride brings confidence, and confidence brings its own additional rewards and internal strength. Remember that others are working hard to achieve their goals, and are on their own journey.  For some, that journey will be harder than yours.  For others, not as hard.  Each person experiences life in their own unique way, whether it be a journey to the rank of Black Belt, or something else.  A strong, proud, and confident person respects the journey others are on.