No Classes March 13th

Stay safe and warm through this 3rd Nor’easter.  Classes resume March 15th.
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No Classes March 8, 2018

Stay safe and warm throughout this snow storm.  Classes will resume tomorrow.
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Four to Go for Black Belt!

February, 2018 —   Portsmouth will be sending four of our teenagers to Danbury, CT on March 3rd to test for their Zhongji-level Black Belt!   These will be the very first of our students to test for this “intermediate” Black Belt rank. Daniel T., Alana R., Nikolai K., and Katie R. will be evaluated by Sr. Master Meyer and Grandmaster DeMasco, along with several other higher-ranked Black Belt instructors.   This is both an honor, and if we’re being honest, a bit intimidating. But our students have been working hard on their material and are very ready to accept this challenge. So, what, exactly, is a Zhongji-level belt, and how does it differ from the full Shodan rank?   The rank of Shodan is a full adult-level first degree Black Belt. This is usually only given to students aged 18 and older who successfully demonstrate their material to the level required to meet the Black Belt standards. On the other end of the spectrum, the Jr. Black Belt is awarded to students aged 12 and under who also successfully demonstrate their material, based on their age and skill-levels.   The Zhongji Belt (roughly translated as “middle” or “in between” or “intermediate”), is awarded to those students, aged 13-17, who successfully navigate a test that is nearly as rigorous as a full adult test, but also takes into account the age and skill-levels of those teen years. We’re very proud of our four students. When you see them in the studio, offer your best wishes and encouragement to them. This is a true milestone in their lives. One that very few ever experience. Getting to this point represents a high level of commitment and dedication—life skills that will serve them well […]
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Studio Closure

2018….The Studio will be closed January 4th due to the severe weather.    Stay safe and warm!
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Studio Closure

December 22, 2017…..the Studio will remain closed today due to the weather.   Classes will resume Tuesday, December 26th, after the holiday.  Enjoy, and be safe!
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Studio is OPEN!

Tuesday, 12/12/17.    The Studio is OPEN today.   If you’re coming in for class, be careful out there….the roads are challenging.
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Studio Holiday Hours

The Portsmouth studio is closed for the long Thanksgiving holiday.  There will be no classes November 22nd-26th.   The studio reopens for its regular class schedule on Monday, November 27th.   Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
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What Does Success Look Like to You?

Success means different things to different people. To some, success is defined as a good job, lots of money and possessions, and time to enjoy it all.   To others, success is defined as caring relationships, with a comfortable and adequate lifestyle. And still to others, success is as simple as winning a dollar on a scratch ticket, or getting the last bottle of available milk at the store. In other words, there’s no one definition of success, and the definition, itself, often changes to fit the current circumstances.   There is, however, a generally accepted understanding that, to reach success, no matter how it is defined, takes dedication, focus, and often hard work. Very often, failures of varying magnitude accompany that dedication, focus, and hard work. Even young toddlers figure this out as they perfect their standing and walking abilities. How a person defines success can often provide some insight into their character. Think about that. Use it as a guideline to set your own definition of success. But don’t be too quick to judge others, if their definition is different from yours. None of us can ever truly know what others have overcome when setting, reaching for, and (hopefully) ultimately achieving their definition of success. Just know that if you hope to succeed, you’ll need to devote yourself to making it happen. And that requires dedication, focus, hard work, and a willingness to experience a few failures along the way. Just ask any toddler!
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Closed for Labor Day Weekend

The studio is closed Friday through Monday (9/1 – 9/4) for the Labor Day weekend.   Have a safe and fun weekend!   Regular schedule resumes on Tuesday the 5th.  Check our Facebook page for additional information.
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Before and After

Don’t you just love before & after pictures? They’re usually associated with some project that required a lot of work to complete, or perhaps used just to document changes in life.   The point is, that, after the fact, one can still go back and re-live the moment….feeling the pride of accomplishment, or simply marveling over the changes. Kung Fu training is rather like a before & after picture.   At the start, the task of learning many new things and training the body and mind to perform seems a little daunting. Often that mind/body connection just isn’t there. The brain says “do this”, and the body reacts like a Minion asking “what?!?!?!?”   Yet, by taking it one step at a time, using perseverance to continue on, and keeping the focus on the overall goal….it’s doable.   In fact, it’s really quite easier than initially perceived.   And, when each step in the journey is completed……. ahhhhh…. That Feeling!!!   Nothing like it. The interesting thing is that, often, people don’t realize how much change is happening. The instructors do. They see the refinements in the movements that the individual student might not fully appreciate, because the person is stuck on what they aren’t doing versus realizing how much they’ve already done. The acknowledgement of those refinements comes to the students in the form of advancing in rank.   And, all those pictures (and perhaps videos) of those rank advancements?   Why….they’re just part of the Before & After documentation that gets tucked away, only to be taken out again at some future date and re-lived through the memories of the day, or overall time in one’s life.   ….Part of that human experience that makes life so rewarding.   Go ahead….take those pictures! Show […]
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