Should you study kung fu or some other style of martial arts?  This is a personal question that goes to the heart of values and purpose.  What is your purpose in studying the martial arts?  Is it only for physical fitness?  Then all martial arts will provide that.  Is it for focus?  Again, all martial arts will enhance your ability to focus.  Balance, strength, flexibility?  These characteristics are the essence of all martial arts.  Self Defense?  Some forms of martial arts are better at this than others, but all provide the basics.

And, while all martial arts have a spiritual side to them, kung fu originated through a desire to meld mind, spirit, and body into one united being.  Learning the physical aspects of any martial arts takes practice and commitment, but truly understanding the deepest essence of your study, and bringing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects all together, takes a commitment and focus that students spend years pursuing.  May YOUR journey be filled with beautiful discoveries.