DSCF0032As the runners streamed by our yet-to-be-erected tent/booth,  SDSS staff prepared for a busy day of activities on our annual Portsmouth Market Square Day appearance.  We honestly love this opportunity to interact with our greater community.  The chance to meet both local-area residents and tourists, and answer any and all questions about our kung fu programs is unparalleled.

 This year turned out to be particularly interesting as many who stopped by to chat, asked questions about the physical demands of kung fu, how we worked with students with exceptionalities, what our class schedule was, and even, about our training at the Shaolin Temple in China!  Many entered our drawing for a free month of group classes, and several asked to be added to our mailing list.  Nearly everyone one who stopped by accepted our free sports water bottle, and we did our best to give one to all who passed by.

Several of our students stopped by to chat, some even stayed and helped.  We even snuck in a quick demo of forms here and there.  Add to that, the weather finally cleared (even if it was rather windy), and all in all, the day was absolutely fantastic.    We’re already planning new ideas for next year!