Ever wonder why some folks just seem to be able to execute better kicks and stances while performing their kung fu techniques?  Some of it is awareness of body positioning, of course, and a focused attention to detail.   But there’s also that additional element called…. flexibility.   We spend time in class going through various stretching motions to help increase the student’s flexibility.

But, the student needs to add to those moments through practicing their own self-disciplined stretching actions.  To become more flexible requires some dedication around daily stretching.  Your stretching doesn’t have to be those deep, painful pulls.  In fact, stretching should NOT be painful.  If done correctly, the stretch should actually feel good!   Spend a little time each day, but each day, also push past that point of tension just a bit more.  If done consistently, you will begin to see the difference, and increased flexibility not only will make your kicks and stances stronger…. it will make YOU stronger.