Kung Fu Summertime Fun

Classes are small in the summer.  People wander off to do other things, but for those who remain committed to their training, summer classes can offer a truly different perspective.   Yes, the usual drills are done.  Yes, the work on forms and techniques continues.  But–especially for the younger students….. there’s time for more fun activities during the summer months…things like soccer with a 6-pound medicine ball (that’s different!), or soccer with a giant exercise ball (provides more challenge than you think), catching flying foam discs (they fly in very odd paths), water balloon fights in the parking lot (cool!), a game of baseball using a noodle and sponge ball …..   yup…. give us a try this summer.   Martial arts skills can be developed in many different ways!
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Kung Fu Training Opportunity!

Unbelievable opportunity to train with a Senior Shaolin Monk….right here in New Hampshire!  Shi Yanxu will be at the Keene studio and offer kung fu training to SDSS students and their guests.   Call 603-430-7377 if interested in this opportunity.
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Tournament this Saturday!

Good Luck to all our Competitors from the Portsmouth Studio!
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Here We Go Again

February 9th, 9:40am…….We’re doing it AGAIN!!!   This weather is unbelievable, yes?  The studio is closed for classes today.  Hopefully we’ll be dug out tomorrow for our regular class schedule.   Stay warm and safe.
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February 5th

3:30pm……We’re OPEN!!  
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Thursday, February 5th

It’s 10:30am….not sure, yet, if will close.   Watching the weather closely.   Keep ckecking here for updates.
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Another Storm!

Monday, February 2nd……The Portsmouth studio is closed today.  Stay safe and we’ll see you tomorrow, after we dig out!
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It’s a Nor’easter!!!

Please be aware that the Studio will be OPEN today (Monday, January 26) for the 4:30 Tigers and 5:15 Dragons classes.   There will be NO Adult class tonight. We are CLOSED all day Tuesday (January 27th), in anticipation that the storm will be impossible to deal with, other than to hunker down next to the fire place. Be safe out there!    We’ll see you Thursday.
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Warm up with Kung Fu Workout!

Portsmouth, January 8, 2015 Yes…it’s COLD!   But we’re OPEN today and just waiting to warm you up with a good workout!  C’mon in!!
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Happy 2015!

The Portsmouth studio wishes all a very happy and healthy 2015. Why not start the New Year with a commitment to yourself?  Start your kung fu training now!  You’ll feel more energized, become more flexible and strong, and notice significant improvements to your balance…..AND….you’ll learn some really cool stuff!
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